Pro Gro Solutions – YOUR Grow Space EXPERT

-Facility Design and Layout

-Equipment Sourcing

-Lighting Layouts

-Climate Control

-Production Management Training

-Integrated Pest Management  (IPM)  Training

-Nutrient Schedules

-Soil/Substrate Nutrient Testing

-Irrigation and Nutrient Delivery

-Water Reclamation

-Consulting Services


Recreational Home Grows

-With the passing of Proposal 1 in November of 2018 Michigan is primed for personal use production at home!

-December 6th 2018, recreational Cannabis became legal in Michigan!

-Pro Gro has Solutions for any size grow, from 2 fixtures to 200!

Don’t have a grow room yet? GREAT! Now is the time to call!

HPS, MH, LED, VPD, CMH, IPM, PH, EC, RH, CFM РStarting a grow space can be overwhelming! We are here to help you though the process.  Contact Pro Gro Solutions today!