Based right here in Southern Michigan, Pro Gro Solutions is a your complete grow space expert!  Pro Gro Solutions offers design, build-out and consultation services to growers of any size! Pro Gro Solutions can build your grow space in accordance with Michigan medical and recreational Cannabis laws and statutes.

David Kay is deeply rooted in the American Agriculture sector. He brings years of agronomy experience and professional training with him, all while staying up to date on the latest agronomy practices and technologies. Being a producer of Corn and Soybeans for nearly 15 years he understand the many challenges that a producer (of any size or crop!) can face.

Cannabis has it’s own specific climate and agronomic requirements when it comes to producing a top quality product. David has experience here too, helping you to produce only the best, while maintaining low input costs.


Yes, We Do Personal Grows Too!

On December 6th recreational cannabis became legal in the stat of Michigan. Are you ready to start your home grow, but have lots of questions? Pro Gro has Solutions for your new recreational garden. Whether it is a bedroom, garage, or basement, Pro Gro can quickly get your space up and running efficiently. Put our years of experience to work for YOU!


Check out David’s blogging he did for BASF and The Progressive Farmer!

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